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Everybody is welcome. Nobody is perfect. Anything is possible when God is involved.


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We are the church in Port Warwick, and we would love for you to join us for a time of fellowship, worship, and Bible teaching at 10:30am Sunday mornings. We also have programs just for kids that they will love! Click for more information on Sunday morning services at First Church.

About First Church

Finding a church for you and your family to attend is an intimidating task. There’s no magic formula for finding the right church for you. But, here are a few tips based on what our guests tell us.

Do you like the vibe?

Churches span from traditional and formal to large with energetic crowds. Each end of the spectrum and all points in between will feel comfortable to different people. First Church is somewhere in the middle -a relaxed and casual atmosphere– nothing crazy, nothing stiff.

Do you like the pastor’s style and messages?

Let’s face it – the major reason we go to church is to learn. Why sit through a sermon we don’t understand, given in a style we don’t like, by a person we can’t identify with? People place different weighting on each of these factors, so you should find the mix that’s right for you and your family. First Church’s pastor, Bob Mosely, teaches topically from Scriptures in a conversational, relevant manner.

Does the church meet your family’s needs?

Some people like the intimacy of a small church while others appreciate the crowds of large, multi-dimensional ministries. Only you know what is best for you and your family. One of the many great things about Newport News is the variety of churches that appeal to a variety of people.

What are the church values and beliefs?

The vision of First Church is to make a lasting impact on our neighbors with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

What We Believe


The move to Port Warwick is part of First Church’s long-held commitment to being involved in the community, maintaining relevance, and serving the people of Newport News and the Virginia peninsula. First Church is a place where people can come as they are. We believe that everyone is welcome, no one is perfect, and anything is possible when God is involved. We want to be a community that: Loves God with all of its heart, mind, and soul. Loves all people regardless of their past or present and with great hope for their future. We would love for you to come visit us Sunday mornings at 10:30am. You will find the atmosphere to be relaxed, upbeat, and friendly.

Bob Mosley

Bob Mosley


Bill Manning

Bill Manning

Associate Pastor

Your First Visit

We’ve tried to anticipate questions you might have about First Church if you are visiting us for the first time. Hopefully this information will help you find out more about our style, beliefs, programs, and location. If you still have questions after this, just let us know!

How do I get to First Church?

First Church is in Port Warwick community in Newport News, Virginia, It is located at 410 Flannery O’Conner Street in the Port Warwick area of Newport News, Virginia. Please click here for Google map directions.

Where do I park?

After turning onto Flannery O’Conner Street, please feel free to park in the lots directly beside and next to First Church. If you find limited parking there, you are more than welcome to park in Towne Bank’s parking lot. We look forward to seeing you soon! First Church in Newport News – Port Warwick

What should I wear?

Please come as you are. God knows your heart and cares more about that than your style of clothing. Just so you know, most people attending wear casual or business casual attire.

What is your worship service like?

Before our service begins – infants, toddlers, and crawlers may be dropped off in their age-appropriate nurseries located in area to your right as you walk in the front door. Your children (ages 3-12) can be signed in at our children’s registration area located to the left hand side. We encourage fellowship before, during, and after our service. We would love for you to grab a cup of coffee and a donut & get into a conversation about life, Jesus, or the Redskins. We strive to be a church that loves people, and the only way that will happen is if we spend time with each other. We start things off with music in the main auditorium at 10:30am. The music at First Church is excellent. We have many talented musicians and singers who do a great job in leading our congregation. Our pastor will share his message after we’ve had a short time of fellowship.

How long is your service?

The service starts at 10:30AM and usually dismisses by noon.

What is your pastor’s teaching style?

The goal of each message at our church is to teach of the person and work of Jesus Christ through real, honest and authentic teaching. Throughout the year, we have a great mixture of book studies and topical sermons on Sunday mornings. Check out some of our pastor’s messages here.

What about my children?

We have a fun-filled children’s program for your children (infants-12 years of age). Infants, toddlers, and crawlers may be dropped off in their specific nurseries before our worship service begins. Children 3-12 years of age can be signed in at our children’s registration area located right by the classrooms before the service as well. Our children’s program is led by a registered nurse. Your child’s well-being is our number one concern. For that reason – on your first visit, we will ask you to fill out a brief information form on your child’s behalf. We want to make sure we know about any allergies or needs your child has so that all goes well and your child has a great time.

Get Connected

Throughout the week, First Church is buzzing with activities focused on learning and enacting God’s love. These include community service opportunities, Bible studies, youth groups, kid’s club, and more. There’s always something going on. Check out our Facebook page for latest updates or click here for a schedule of activities.

Women’s Groups

Bible studies and opportunities to connect for Women.
Wednesday 7pm - 8:30pm
Ask: Michie Powell
College and young adult for Women.
Starting 2/20 through Easter
Monday 7pm-8pm
Ask: Jenna McElroy

Small Groups

Men’s Groups

Fellowship and Bible study for Men.
Hidenwood area:
Tuesday 7pm - 8:30pm

Ask: Jim Eacho
Midtown area:
Thursday 6am - 7am

Ask: Bob Mosely
Denbigh area:
Thursday 7pm - 8:30pm

Ask: Mark Geary

Small Groups

Mixed Groups

Couples, Singles, all ages are welcome!
Denbigh area:
Sunday 5pm - 7pm

Ask: Bill & Grace Manning
Sunday 7pm - 8:30pm
Ask: Chip & Peggy Watson
Saturday 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Ask: Jon & Heather Anderson
Tuesday 7pm - 8:30pm
Ask: Brian & Jennifer Powell

Small Groups

Kid’s Club

Kids Club meets on Wednesday evenings during the school year.  It's a mid-week activity for children age 3 through grade 5 to come to the church and enjoy 75 minutes of games, crafts, a Bible story, and a snack.
Wednesday evenings 6pm - 7:15pm
Ask: David McDade

First Church Kids

Kid’s Sports

Our children have the opportunity to participate in fall/spring soccer and winter basketball leagues.  The games are low-pressure and a great opportunity for children and parents to get better acquainted with one another.
Seasonal Sports
Ask: David McDade

First Church Kids

Kid’s VBS

Vacation Bible School! Each summer, we look forward to a week of VBS.  VBS is a "mini summer camp" in which kids get all the fun of summer camp packed into five exciting evenings.  Can't wait to see you this summer!
Summer Vacation
Ask: David McDade

First Church Kids

Middle School Youth

Our middle schoolers (6th-8th grades) hang out, have fun playing games, develop relationship with others, and develop and grown their relationships with God.
Sunday nights from 6 - 7:30pm *during the school year
Ask: Bill Manning

Youth Groups

Realife High School Youth

Realife is all about relationships, having fun, and getting to know Jesus.  We play some crazy games, have some friendly competitions - and spend time listening, talking, and reading the Bible.
Sunday evenings from 7pm - 9pm
Ask: Bill Manning

Youth Groups

Realife Events

Exciting events and programs each year like camping trips, winter retreats, whitewater rafting, dodgeball tournaments, Kings Dominion, pool parties, cookouts - and that's just the tip of the iceberg!  We also have monthly service projects that we encourage students to get involved in.
Ask: Bill Manning

Youth Groups

Arizona Trips

The Gap, Arizona. Every year, for over 20 years, First Church has faithfully returned to build relationships, bring gifts and teach Navajo youth about Jesus. We encourage our youth and adult members to participate in this very important and impactful trip.
Summer and Winter
Ask: Bill Manning


Local Outreach

First Church is committed to serving the local community in Port Warwick, Newport News and Hampton Roads. We frequently hold events for the benefit of our local community at our church building. In addition, our members of all ages are involved in public service opportunities throughout the Peninsula.
Ask: Bob Mosely


Global Outreach

We have the privilege at First Church to support several missionaries around the world. These amazing people are seeking to share the love of Jesus and the good news of the gospel in countries far away and often to people who do not speak the same language.
Ask: Bob Mosely



Each week our pastor, Bob Mosely, relays a relevant and Christ-centered message of hope, love, and service. You’ll find his teaching up-beat, practical, and encouraging. You will learn what the scriptures say about today’s biggest challenges.

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